A method and apparatus for dispensing of hand lotion

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A method and apparatus for dispensing of hand lotion and air freshener in a combined unit for home and office.A similar result can be achieved by use of a mechanical fan assembly placed above or below the air freshener enclosure within the vent unit or units. The fan then spins for a brief, adjustable time during which fragrance is drawn from the air freshener enclosure, and between or out of the vent unitor vent units, and or base unit, into the outside environment.Most retail, or consumer-oriented, air fresheners operate on an "always on" basis.
Generally, commercial dispensers for air fresheners can operate passively through ventilation and diffusion, or activelythrough electrical heating elements or mechanical fan assemblies.Another aspect of a preferred embodiment is a combination air freshener and hand lotion dispenser that permits direct user control of the strength and quantity of scent released in relation to dispensing of hand lotion.Yet another aspect of a preferred embodiment is a combination air freshener and hand lotion dispenser in which the supplies of hand lotion and/or air freshener are refillable or replaceable independently or as a unit.Air fresheners are frequently used in home and business to control odors in bathrooms, kitchens, and other enclosed spaces. If skin renewal properties are desired, the lotion may contain 2-8% of an alpha or beta hydroxy ingredient, to promote exfoliation.A preferred embodiment is an assembly including a dispenser. It does not function efficiently as an air freshener, and would be ineffective and messy if used as such. Dispersion may be implemented using a mechanical fan or compression of a sponge, for example. In addition, less packaging materials are utilized in comparison to separate products, thereby reducing the amount of material disposed of or needing to be recycledat the end of the product life. While hand lotion may be scented, its primary function is placement directly on the hands to improve the skin's condition.Hand lotion is often dispensed in pour, squeeze, or pump bottles for home and business environments, where those bottles are usually disposable. The base also includes a location sized and shaped to receive a supply ofair freshener wherein the supply of air freshener is received by the location.Further, the dispensed fragrance, along with most other odors, are only noticeable to a person for a short time after the smell is encountered. More user oriented consumer air fresheners are available, such as spray-type products, for example. Advantageously, such an arrangement avoids desensitization, thus increasing the perceived effectiveness of the airfreshener. Because air freshener dispensers function by releasing a scent through evaporation or atomization, such dispensers work most effectively when placed in the open on a counter, table, orwall. When the pump handle is depressed, the downward force is transferred to the pump tube and themechanical fan assembly, which translates the downward force into a rotational force acting on the fan. Hand lotion is an emulsion of primarily water and variousoils, with lecithin typically being at least one of the emulsifying agents. As is known by those of skill in the art, hand lotion may include various combinations ofmoisturizers, oils and emollients, and may include nutritive elements such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E or Aloe Vera. Another aspect of a preferred embodiment is a dispenser for both air freshener and a liquid, such as hand lotion or soap, that avoidsthe difficulties of prior individual and combined dispensers while providing advantageous improvements in both structure and function. Consumer dispensers are commonly placed on tables, in kitchens, and in bathrooms, and do not have the less desirable appearance and connotation of an air freshener dispenser.
A pourable compound is held within the container and is dispensible from the container uponmanual manipulation of the actuation surface. After this initial period, the person becomes accustomed to the fragrance and it no longer producesthe desired sensory response. However, the necessary mechanisms to propel the air freshener often make spray-type dispensers relatively expensive anddifficult to recycle. Moreover, such a dispenser provides both a pourable compound, such as hand lotion, and air freshener in a singleproduct, which is less costly than purchasing hand lotion and air freshener separately.Finally, yet still another aspect of a preferred embodiment is a combination air freshener and Ultrasonic Sprayer hand lotion dispenser where the release of air freshener and dispensing of hand lotion are independently controllable. Hand lotiongenerally does not have to be washed off the hands after use, as with standard soap. Because air freshening is typically only necessarywhen a person is in the same general area as the air freshener dispenser, the "always on" dispensers may result in a majority of the fragrance being dispensed when it is not necessary or desired. A base defines a substantially flat mounting surface and an interior surface sized and shaped to receive and retain the dispenser. They are nevertheless often hidden from view due to their odor eliminating purpose, where they are both less effective and more difficult to replace.Hand lotion, on the other hand, is commonly provided in home and business environments to moisturize, smooth, and improve the condition of skin.
Still another aspect of a preferred embodiment is a combination air freshener and hand lotion dispenser where the dispensing of hand lotion, for example through a pump, is used to indirectly power the release of air freshener through amechanically powered or passive ventilation system.Accordingly, a preferred dispenser dispenses only a small amount of fragrance, if any, until the dispenser is user-actuated.. That is, once the air freshener is initially activated, it dispenses fragrance until its supply is exhausted.Accordingly, a preferred embodiment is a dispenser that can be placed virtually anywhere in the home or office. In addition, such a dispenser avoids unnecessary dispensing of fragrance, thereby increasing the useful life of the fragrance. It is often available in disposable consumer pour or pump dispensers, or sometimes in wall units forcommercial application. Air freshener may be passively dispersed at a controlled rate from the apparatus, or may be actively dispersed when a user pumps the apparatus to receive a measured quantity of hand lotion. The dispenser includes a container and an actuator, which defines an actuation surface.

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