Can be said that five internal organs strong

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Can be said that five internal organs strong and the overall beauty of the guarantee, blood filling, is the material basis of overall beauty, it attaches great importance to TCM cosmetology blood and viscera in the role of beauty by nourishing the five internal organs, replenishing qi and blood to the body robust, face resident. (D) of the swelling Sanjie, dampness itchingSome cosmetic damage diseases such as acne, rosacea, and many more caused by wind-heat Pathogenic Heat and Toxin, often local and swollen itching, when the light when the heavy and lingering unhealed. (6) Shugan Jieyu, qi reconciliation Some head and face diseases such as vitiligo, melasma, hair white and many other early to go rather then because of the situation, liver qi stagnation, blood loss and result.
Blood on the human body plays a very inviting dirty axillary organizations, defense, nutrition, moisture effects, in order to maintain the organ&Ultrasonic Homogenizer39;s normal function from rationality, strong expression in his face blood red, live, muscle fullness, skin, Mao Farun marshes.Chinese beauty Why does the magic effect? Mainly work from the following aspects:(1) moisture five internal organs, replenishing qi and bloodFive internal organs, that is, liver, spleen lung and kidney, organs of the body organs, limbs Jiuqiao, fur pelvis are based on the five internal organs as the center form an organic whole. The human body needs various nutrients to the body by the circulatory system for each branch location, if the meridian barrier, blood runs sluggish, not Ruyang fur skin, can lead to skin diseases and the impact of beauty, such as acne , freckles, rosacea, melasma, scars, etc. (E) tender skin whitening, beauty by wrinkleFair-skinned, red-Ze, flexibility is not only the sign that health is even more beautiful charm. Therefore, treatment with more select CHAIHUSUGAN Powder, impunity balls liver and gas for us. (B) dredging channels, activating blood stasis lineMeridian widespread human, is to run the whole body blood, contact the # viscera Segment, communication within and outside the channel up and down.." Among the six disease to wind cold, heat damage to the greatest evil of the beauty, and the drug trade of human blood, blood sub-hot, leading to loss of capacity in many diseases, therefore, expelling wind heat, cooling blood detoxification is another Chinese beauty important principles.
Therefore, expelling wind heat, cooling blood detoxification at the same time, government, and military should take appropriate into the swelling heat, dampness itching of the goods, such as Cnidium, Prunella, Fritillaria, Kochia scoparia and other. (C) expelling wind heat, cooling blood detoxificationFur face most closely with the outside world, first bring disaster to exogenous pathogens invade the body fur. Five internal organs, blood rise and fall is directly related to face the fate of the five internal organs via the meridians, yang Yin and Blood, and fluids of the transport and dispersion Qing Buda body to nourish Yun skin, resist invasion of exogenous pathogens in order to keep the face moist, not dry gas face blood is the life-sustaining activities constitute the human body and one of the most basic material.
Traditional Beauty In addition to Qi and blood, regulating yin and yang, promoting blood circulation and contact other methods to whiten the skin, Yue Chak purpose of meal appearance, often to join in some beauty prescription directly nourish the skin, whitening wrinkles of drugs, such as almonds, peach, egg, Yurong powder, ruby film. Chinese pathogenic wind, especially pushes "six evils. are related to blood loss and blood stasis Yam lag related, so Chinese beauty methods, whether orally, topical, or acupuncture, massage, air bacteria etc are to be followed by thinning collaterals, blood stasis of the principles of line, in order to get better cosmetic results.

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