Scents can be calming, soothing, relaxing, stimulating, uplifting or exhilarating

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Scents can be calming, soothing, relaxing, stimulating, uplifting or exhilarating. When burned, they are converted into toxins such as acetone (an ingredient in nail polish remover and paint thinner), benzene, toluene, particulate matter and soot. With so many different soy jar candles to choose from, you just can't go wrong. Our hand-poured, natural soy candles are clean burning and loaded with fragrance. They are known to fill a room with pure, lasting fragrances.Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is hydrogenated soybean oil.
The levels of carbon dioxide in the air will not increase when burning soy candles. I want that warm aroma filling the house & comfy feeling back! Turning off a few lights for an hour doesn't translate into an immediate cut in electricity production. According to an EPA report, paraffin candles give off petrol-carbon soot, which can blacken walls, ceilings and furniture, and contaminate ventilation ductwork in your home, as well as adding potential carcinogens into the air you breathe. Burning a paraffin candle for one hour will release about 10 grams of carbon dioxide.Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is hydrogenated soybean oil. Scented candles can invoke memories of childhood, special occasions or favorite vacations. Our soy wax candle collection is fast becoming one of the most popular types of soy candles on the market.Soy Candles are well-known for having a cool, clean aroma.Soy candles are the newest innovation in clean-burning, environmentally friendly candles. They do not release carbon dioxide when burned and are safe for the environment. Also, paraffin wax contains additives which totally inhibit biodegradability.Paraffin wax is hard, cold, mean, and hideously industrial in comparison. Our soy jar candles typically burn 50 natural which makes them human and pet friendly leaving almost no soot! They burn long and smell wonderful! Soy candles are getting a lot more popular as an accent piece for decorating and scenting homes. However, someone with a respiratory problem shouldn't even take the risk of burning any type of candle.Soy candles are a better green choice than basic old wax candles for a couple of reasons. Soy candles are becoming the preferred candle of choice for health-minded candle-lovers. If you want coal-fired plants to cut production, you must cut demand. Soy wax was invented in 1992 by Michael Richards, who was looking for a cheaper alternative to beeswax.Perhaps you like to dabble in crafts and find the idea of a soy candle making kit appealing.Soy candles are also known to last longer than most conventional candles.Beeswax and soy candles are non-toxic and cleaning burning. It burns at a very high temperature which can cause burns if touched. Burning it can increase carbon dioxide levels in the air. If you've ever made the mistake of spilling paraffin wax, you'll appreciate the quick and easy clean up. These reasons make soy candles one of the many soy products that appeal to those who wish to live a healthier lifestyle with minimal impact to the environment.Paraffin contributes substantially to the decline in indoor air quality and begs for a healthier alternative. A truly unique new product that is a Best Seller in specialty retail across the US. Soy candles are less likely to trigger allergies because they produce very little soot or smoke.
Aromatherapy soy candles are great. One, they're made from rapidly renewable resources, whereas wax paraffin is derived from petroleum (not so renewable - as we all know). To make the evening more eco-friendly, opt for soy candles over candles made from paraffin. Because soy candles are made from a renewable resource and not from a petroleum base like paraffin, they are readily available and no more costly. Can you image how much harm could be done with a lead wick? Paraffin candles put toxins and carcinogens (cancer causing agents) in your home. These hand poured candles make a fine gift when paired with their companion cads.Paraffin is not good for people to be inhaling and some candles are even made with lead wicks in them.Burning paraffin wax is known to emit the same chemicals as a running diesel engine. This means that they burn clean into the air, as opposed to common paraffin wax candles, which have been known to produce soot and other inhale able toxins such as formaldehyde, acrolein, benzine and acetaldehyde. Beeswax candles produce a natural "honey" scent without the addition of chemicals.Burns up to 30 natural cotton.Soy candles are said to be longer burning and to have a stronger scent throw.Soy candles are becoming the preferred candle of choice for health-minded candle-lovers.Soybean wax is also oil-based, so it has a lower melting point, meaning it burns cooler. Aromatherapy products can be found in scented candles, home diffusers, bath oils, shower gels, soaps, lotions and potpourri. Depending on where you live and what size bulb you use, lighting a candle instead of a CFL will typically result in a net increase of CO2 emissions. Soy candles work best in a jar as their low melting point causes them to deform easily in the sun or warm environments. Soy candles are long-lasting with burn times ranging from approximately 20 hours (for the 4 oz size) to 45 hours (for the 8 oz size). Soy candles are eco friendly and clean burning but best of all they are made from a renewable resource - perfect for the healthy and environmentally conscious home! Soy candles are a wonderful alternative to petroleum based paraffin candles. The scent is stronger and lasts longer. And it smells bad. Additive-free and hypo-allergenic they burn longer, cooler and cleaner - without soot buildup.Burning drastically changes the delicate constituents of essential oils. They are available in a wide range of appealing scents and shapes, which include attractive jar-filled and tart-shaped candles. Most of them also feature pure cotton wicks that never contain lead, unlike some imported paraffin candles.Aromatherapy soy candles are a rage with everyone who's conscious of their health and cares for the environment too.
These are what I opt for in my home.Scented soy candles distribute more flavors by incorporation of soybean oil which lowers the melting point of the candle which then has a cooler burning point and faster scent dispersion. Perfect for home decorating and wildly popular with our spas and salon retail partners.. Soy candles are made with the natural oil from soybean plants so they burn cleaner and emit significantly less soot. Soy candles are clean burning candles. The ecological advantages of soy candles can be enhanced with the addition of recycled packaging and eco-friendly wicks made from recycled materials. So make sure that the next time you go shopping for candles you come back with Aromatherapy soy candles and make this change for a better life! Aromatherapy is a widely used practice around the world, and is advantageous because it offers a safe and natural alternative to more conventional methods of treatment. Soy wax is gentle, non-toxic, and easy to clean up with a superior scent throw. Those innocent looking highly scented paraffin candles are poisoning you and your children. Soy candles are perfect for candle warmers. Soy candles last longer and are easier to clean, less waxy burns for about 110 hours. Soy candles are made of hydrogenated soybean oil (think margarine) and are commonly combined with paraffin or beeswax in candle making. They are non-toxic and the wax cleans up with soap and water which makes soy candles more pet and child proof than a paraffin candle. Many of the traditional candles use wire wicks that put off harmful fumes of carbon dioxide. Soy candles don't.Turning out the lights isn't just romantic, it saves energy. Aromatherapy Soy Candles are good for your environment because they burn clean. Soy candles are everywhere. The American Lung Association has warned consumers of unhealthy indoor air quality from burning paraffin candles.Soy candles are actually easier to scent than just about any type of candle. Paraffin is not good for people to be inhaling and some candles are even made with lead wicks in them. Petroleum is drilled from the earth, rather than farmed naturally as a renewable energy. Soy candles are environment friendly. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of the industrialized petroleum crude oil refining process.Soy candles are the best solution because they are natural and usually made of a wick that is natural too. Soy candles also burn longer so you get more for your money. Paraffin free lamp; non-toxic, clean burning Orla Soy Candles are especially kind to you lamp; the environment. All of the candles sold here at Las Vegas one stops shop scented Candles are triple scented candles and will bring warmth and a lasting aroma to your home. Burning paraffin wax may also set off various allergies and contribute to asthma. Soy candles are environmentally friendly.
They also burn longer than other candle waxes. Plus, more soy products can always be grown. Soybean wax is also oil-based, so it has a lower melting point, meaning it burns cooler. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum. Burning only a few with leaded wicks for 3 hours will increase levels 9 to 11 times over acceptable lead levels.Soy candles are made from soybeans, on the other hand, which cause no harm to the environment when used. Turns out, I didn't save myself any money. Soy candles are the preferred choice for aromatherapy, because the essential oils in the candle are not corrupted by soot or by smoke. Other petroleum products include diesel fuel, gasoline, asphalt, and kerosene. Soy candles are also much better for people who have asthma and other breathing problems. Or maybe you've got some kids around that need a creative but simple project. Soy candles are also non-toxic and they do not emit harmful fumes into the air. Soy candles are non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, created from soybeans which are a natural product, are renewable resources and also burn cleaner than traditional candles. That makes them better for aromatherapy, and it means that you'll get a lot more scent for your money than with any other type of scented candle. They can even imprint a memory (good or bad). Our soy wax candle collection is fast becoming one of the most popular types of soy candles on the market. Perhaps you are baking or perhaps it is one of the bakery scents burning. Fragrance for your home with out an open flame. That means more enjoyment and healthier air quality for you and your family. Soy candles are longer lasting candles and also burn a stronger, cleaner scent. All our wicks use earth-friendly, all natural materials. Art Hernandez, founder and president of soy candle company Blue wick, rattled off several reasons: soy is a natural material (as opposed to petroleum-based paraffin), soy burns longer and soy burns cleaner by emitting less smoke and soot?Soy candles are another alternative to paraffin or petroleum-based candles and have fewer health effects and are better for the environment. Beeswax and soy candles are mostly carbon-neutral because any carbon they release by burning was only recently absorbed by plants from the atmosphere. Soy candles are a popular gift Ultrasonic Homogenizer item for special occasions. They look pretty, they smell wonderful, and they're non-toxic. The carbon in paraffin, by contrast, has been sitting in the ground for hundreds of millions of years. The history of aromatherapy actually goes back thousands of years, as far back as biblical times. This means that soy wax and candles can be produced at a lower cost than pure beeswax? Soybeans are a biodegradable and renewable resource. Soy candles are made of soy wax, a mixture of hydrogenated soybean oil. Perfect for at home moms looking to supplement their home income! Call today for details. Paraffin candles are made up of petroleum which is a limited resource. In addition, soy candles hold essential oils just as well as paraffin candles.Soy candles are the perfect gift for any occasion. Candles are very popular in general, since they give your home a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, and the available range of colors can match any decor. Scented Kobo full-bodied candles are also environmentally friendly.Fragrances from around the world to right back home to your own back yard. Soy candles provide a very attractive compromise between price and quality.Perfect for gift giving to friends, family or even yourself! Our wax dipped critters are a precious addition to any room.
They are available in a wide range of eye-catching designs, shapes, and fragrances. Can you image how much harm could be done with a lead wick? Paraffin candles are the lowest price candles but also of lower quality while beeswax candles are more expensive and of higher quality.Paraffin is a by-product of the petroleum refinery industry, leftover residue of refined petroleum. Because soy candles are made from a renewable resource and not from a petroleum base like paraffin, they are readily available and no more costly.Burning paraffin candles have been identified as causing more damage than inhaling second hand smoke. Scented soy candles are a popular gift item. Soy candles are also much cheaper than beeswax candles, since soy wax can be readily and easily produced to meet demand.Soybeans are cheap and easy to source, and the process is less complex than that of beeswax collection. Soy candles are known to burn longer than paraffin wax, so you know you are getting a candle that will last longer. Richards first wanted to use beeswax, but he found it to be too expensive. Soy wax was invented in 1991 by Michael Richards who was looking for a cheaper alternative to beeswax.

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