The i15 remains true to its PING roots while taking advantage of newer technology

19. prosince 2017 v 2:28
The i15 remains true to its PING roots while taking advantage of newer technology. While it is fun to think about it, the i15 does not necessarily continue on from the original "Eye" series irons from the 70's, Ping has actually been a little bit all over the map with naming irons, we've had Zing, Zing 2, ISI, i3,TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Fairway Wood, Rapture, i5, all in no particular order of course, but you get the picture clearly I think.
The i15 irons are a progressive set of irons that the engineers at Ping developed for the better player who wants to be able to shape their shots and control their trajectory.Ping irons have enjoyed a great deal of presence and success on professional tours since the birth of the Eye and of course ultimately another game changing iron with the Ping Eye 2,Ping G20 Combo Set, so here we are 25 years into it for Ping and we've now got an iron like the Ping i15 to help us shoot better scores. So feel free to disregard this part of the review as you see fit. My guess is that this is the trade-off for the thin face, and possibly for the smaller area covered by the CTP. Over the next few weeks we will also be having a look at some of the other clubs in this new 15 line. With my Z-STARs, I have no complaints at all. Today we will have a closer look at the i15 irons. The longer irons in the i15 are actually larger in size for more forgiveness, while the mid and short irons are smaller for workability, which the better player can appreciate. By comparison,TaylorMade Rossa Tourismo AGSI+ Putter, the feel of the S57s was significantly better, on par with the forged awesomeness that is Srixon. You won't get the marshmallow feeling on a well-struck shot, but nearly everything will feel "solid" instead, and that's a tradeoff I think a lot of people are willing to make.
The feel isn't harsh. If you're looking for a more consistent iron game, they deserve a look: they offer a consistent ball flight, distance, and dispersion when struck almost anywhere on the clubface. And really, the only time this really crossed my mind as a negative was when I was hitting range balls.Feel is the only other area where Ultrasonic Metal Welding Equipment I wasn't blown away by the i15s. It's good to have a club let you know when you're getting sloppy, especially when it's in a gentle reminder kind of way. It seems PING has listened to the feedback from their loyal customers and made some welcomed changes to the i15 line.PING has released the 15 line of clubs, including new i15 and G15 irons. But considering the upside of distance and forgiveness, I think it's worth it and is something that probably works for these irons. Just less sweet.
Throughout the review you will see some pictures of the PING i15 irons alongside pictures of Mizuno MP-57 irons, which are targeted at a similar level of player. More information at Topics related to the article Ping G20 driver Nowadays TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons 3-9PS Have you Maruman Majesty Prestigio Gold Premium Hybrid Call. Of all these Ping irons available I have actually never really spent much time playing or testing them at all to be quite honest, so to me the Ping i15 was somewhat of an introduction to a historical club making icon. So perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to the fact that I'm playing cast clubs again.

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