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11. ledna 2018 v 2:37
Another main reason why an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter may be required is that the liquid or gas passing through the pipework is unsuitable for internal flow meter technology. There are many makes and models of ultrasonic clamp on flow meter available for different industry uses. A flow meter can be located within a tube or pipe, or alternatively fitted onto the outside of the pipe or tube.uk . These most commonly include collecting of cooling and heating fluid measurements, volume measurement information, pump testing and inspection and other kinds of flow surveys. Katronic Technologies is one of these specialist companies and have been established in the manufaturing and supplying of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology since 1966.
This article focuses on providing a simple overview of ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology, the types available and their various applications in industrial settings. Keeping things as simple as possible, a flow meter is a piece of equipment that can help measure the through flow of gas or liquid through a pipe. This latter is the way the ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter is installed for use. But how exactly does the ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter work? With this kind of device, ultrasonic sensors are secured in direct contact with the pipes outside surface. The Katronic website clearly informs on line visitors of product information and industrial uses.co.
To get a better idea of how an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter benefits industry, let us use the Petrochemical industry as an example. This will mean interruptions of course to industrial processes.Across the UK and the globe there is a requirement in many industrial processes to monitor throughflow of liquid and gases through on-site and off-site piping. There are many typical applications of a flow meter. An example of this could beeffluent. You can check them out to discover more about ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology at Katronic. This type of industry relies on supplying excellent quality products.
Flow meter technology is able to assist industry in these processing activities. Some examples of industries across the world that utilise this type of flow meter technology are Pharmaceuticals, Water Supply and Waste Water Services, Marine and Shipbuilding, Petrochemical and Power Generation. Businesses will choose to use ultrasonic clamp-on Ultrasonic Dispersion flow meter technology for a variety of reasons, one main reason is that installing flow-meters that are situated within pipework structures is very expensive.Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter technology is used for a number of crucial monitoring processes such as taking acetone measurements, and keeping tabs on sulphuric acid concentrations. Because of the toxic, corrosive and hazardous nature of these products non-invasive flow meter technology is necessary. The technology can be used to monitor and record a whole range of data concerning the flowing gas or liquid.
Of course, pipes where this technology is being installed will be required to be empty. If you want to find out more aboutn this particular type of flow meter the Internet is probably the best place. These sensors can be programmed to see past the exterior pipe wall to the gas or liquid passing through.

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